Fifi D'Orsay

Fifi D’Orsay

Fifi D’Orsay skulle lördag den 16 april fyllt 113 år. Tyvärr avled Fifi D’Orsay 1983

Ett urval av de filmer som Fifi D’Orsay medverkat i.

  • Nabonga
  • The Gangster
  • Going Hollywood
  • Delinquent Daughters
  • Mr. Lemon Of Orange
  • Wonder Bar
  • Women Everywhere
  • The Life of Jimmy Dolan
  • The Girl from Calgary
  • Hot for Paris
  • They Had to See Paris
  • Dixie Jamboree
  • Three Legionnaires
  • Wild and Wonderful
  • The Stolen Jools
  • Women of All Nations
  • Piano Mooner
  • Those Three French Girls

Nyheter om Fifi D’Orsay

Fifi D’Orsay – Wikipedia
Biography. Fifi d’Orsay was born Marie-Rose Angelina Yvonne Lussier in Montreal. As a young typist filled with the desire to become an actress, she went to New York City.
Fifi D’Orsay – IMDb
Fifi D’Orsay, Actress: Going Hollywood. Although she made her career playing the quintessential Parisian coquette, Fifi D’Orsay was actually a Canadian. She was born …


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