Queenie Leonard

Queenie Leonard

Queenie Leonard skulle lördag den 18 februari fyllt 112 år. Tyvärr avled Queenie Leonard 2002

Ett urval av de filmer som Queenie Leonard medverkat i.

  • And Then There Were None
  • The Narrow Margin
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • The Lodger
  • Ladies in Retirement
  • The Locket
  • The Uninvited
  • Thunder on the Hill
  • Moonlight Sonata
  • Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
  • This Above All
  • Millions
  • The Christmas Carol
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Kate Plus Ten
  • Confirm or Deny
  • Thumbs Up
  • The Lone Wolf in London
  • Eagle Squadron
  • Molly and Me
  • Forever and a Day

Nyheter om Queenie Leonard

Queenie Leonard – Wikipedia
Queenie Leonard (18 February 1905 – 17 January 2002) was an English character actress and singer. She was the last remaining cast member of And Then There Were None.
Queenie Leonard – IMDb
Queenie Leonard, Actress: Alice in Wonderland. Pearl Walker (Queenie Leonard), actress and singer was born on 7 April 1905. She had already amassed 20 years of stage …


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