Jesús Franco

Jesús Franco skulle måndag den 12 maj fyllt 88 år. Tyvärr avled Jesús Franco 2013

Ett urval av de filmer som Jesús Franco medverkat i.

  • The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
  • The Castle of Fu Manchu
  • Count Dracula
  • The Devil Came from Akasava
  • The Corpse Packs His Bags
  • Vampire Blues
  • Antena Criminal: Making a Jess Franco Movie
  • The Diabolical Dr. Z
  • The Awful Dr. Orlof
  • Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell
  • Succubus
  • Attack of the Robots
  • The Secret of Dr. Orloff
  • Venus in Furs
  • She Killed in Ecstasy
  • Eugénie
  • Night of the Assassins
  • Kiss Me Killer
  • Ilsa, the Mad Butcher
  • Female Vampire
  • El siniestro doctor Orloff
  • Take-Away Spirit
  • Jailhouse Wardress
  • The Sex is Crazy
  • The Girl from Rio
  • The Hot Nights of Linda
  • Vampyros Lesbos
  • Downtown - Die nackten Puppen der Unterwelt
  • Women Behind Bars
  • See You Later Cowabunga: Curse of the Evil Cenachero!
  • Midnight Party
  • Death Karate in Torremolinos
  • Eugenie
  • White Cannibal Queen
  • Celestine
  • Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies
  • Crypt of the Condemned
  • Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves
  • Swedish Nympho Slaves
  • The Latest Film by Jess Franco
  • Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac
  • The Rhythm of Jess
  • Call Him Jess
  • On the Threshold to Another World
  • Bloody Moon
  • A Crack for Two
  • Dolls for Sale
  • Les emmerdeuses
  • Blood on My Shoes
  • Los blues de la calle Pop
  • Girl with the Red Lips
  • El abuelo, la condesa y Escarlata la traviesa
  • Los profundos sueños de Jennifer
  • The Sadist of Notre Dame
  • Macumba sexual
  • The Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse
  • Strange Voyage
  • Shining Sex
  • The Night Of Open Sex
  • Red Venice
  • Judoka Shadow versus Doctor Wong
  • The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff
  • Revenge of the Alligator Ladies
  • En busca del dragón dorado
  • Trip to Bangkok, Coffin included
  • Debris Documentar
  • Lucky, the Inscrutable
  • Angel of Death 2: The Prison Island Massacre
  • Night Has a Thousand Desires
  • Justine and the Whip
  • Sadomania
  • Vampir-Cuadecuc
  • Camino solitario
  • Black Boots, Whip of Leather
  • Exorcism
  • Bahía blanca
  • Barbed Wire Dolls
  • A Virgin Among the Living Dead
  • Call Me Jess Redux
  • Around the World in Eighty Days
  • Esa cosa con plumas
  • Tío Jess (2012)
  • Jesús Franco, manera de vivir
  • Dracula Barcelona
  • Two Undercover Angels
  • The Well

Nyheter om Jesús Franco

Jesús Franco – IMDb
Jesús Franco, Writer: Der Teufel kam aus Akasava. He was only six years old when he started composing music under the protection of his brother Enrique. After the …
Jesús Franco – Wikipedia
Jesús ”Jess” Franco (born Jesús Franco Manera; 12 May 1930 – 2 April 2013) was a Spanish film director, writer, composer, cinematographer and actor.
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