Kazuo Hasegawa

Kazuo Hasegawa fyller år tisdag den 27 februari (2017 år) och tillhör stjärntecknet Stenbocken.

Ett urval av de filmer som Kazuo Hasegawa medverkat i.

  • An Actor's Revenge
  • A Tale of Genji
  • The Crucified Lovers
  • Gate of Hell
  • The Great Wall
  • The Loyal 47 Ronin
  • Yotsuya Kaidan
  • A Tale of Archery at the Sanjusangendo
  • Tsuruhachi and Tsurujiro
  • Jirocho Fuji
  • An Actor's Revenge
  • China Nights
  • A Samurai's Love
  • The Demon of Mount Oe
  • Song of the White Orchid
  • The Groom Talks in His Sleep
  • Zenigata Heiji Detective Story: Heiji Covers All of Edo
  • The Way of Drama
  • Secret of Naruto
  • The Snake Princess
  • Lord for a Night
  • Tsukigata Hanpeita: Hana no maki; Arashi no maki
  • Ongaku dai-shingun
  • Nichiren and the Great Mongol Invasion
  • The Loyal 47 Ronin
  • Three Women Around Yoshinaka
  • Jirocho - The Chivalrous
  • Mito Komon’s Journey to Ezo
  • A Girl Isn't Allowed to Love
  • Onna keizu
  • Oath on the Burning Sands
  • Iemitsu and Hikoza
  • The Man Who Waited
  • My Elder Brother
  • The Burning Sky
  • The Two Musashis
  • おもかげの街
  • The Man Who Disappeared Yesterday
  • Kawanakajima kassen

Nyheter om Kazuo Hasegawa

Kazuo Hasegawa – Wikipedia
Kazuo Hasegawa (長谷川 一夫, Hasegawa Kazuo, 27 February 1908 – 6 April 1984) was a Japanese film actor. He appeared in 290 films between 1927 and 1963.
Kazuo Hasegawa – IMDb
Kazuo Hasegawa, Actor: Jigokumon. Born in Kyoto in 1908. His birthplace was a sake brewery in Fushimi called Nagoya. In 1913, at the age of five, he was pushed into …
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